Effie Halkidis has been living and working in the Netherlands since 1993. Arriving from Australia with a background in Glass studies Effie continued to study at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy in the Netherlands and since 1998 she has established her own studio in Amsterdam.

Her work encompasses themes of communication, displacement and the construction of one’s identity. She explores dialogue as a form of cultural exchange; the means to pass knowledge from generation to generation.Mouths, hands and legs are placed in blocks in an attempt to reconstruct a person in parts. This incomplete person is a reference to displacement.

Her work is made in crystal or optical glass, using the lost wax casting technique then cut and polished . Effie has exhibited extensively in Europe, and Australia Her work is in private and public collections in Europe, Australia and USA.

“‘Halkidis’ creations bear on the principles that underlie the shaping of a specific form of society, to be precise; our own. We take the social mechanics of the modern world for granted and are hardly ever aware that they could be, and in some parts of the globe effectively are, totally different.

Her personal background consists of a mixture of experiences gathered during her life in Australia and, not to be discounted, her Greek youth. It is a combined heritage that in a nutshell seems to recapitulate the course of European history from its classical origins up to the modern western present and is mirrored in her artwork.

Halkidis, however, goes one step further and shows that the life blood of our western culture consists of the melting together of the emotional values of what we ‘heard’ from our ancestors like Homer, and the truth that clear philosophical thinking, also called ‘re-flection’ makes us ‘see’.

The speaking cubes of culture by Frans Jeursen – Art critic